Brand New Hyper Mode (240L) Cryogenic Deflashing Machine US-Hyper2000
Brand New Hyper Mode (240L) Cryogenic Deflashing Machine US-Hyper2000

Brand New Hyper Mode (240L) Cryogenic Deflashing Machine US-Hyper2000

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A Brand New Hyper Mode (240L) Cryogenic Deflashing Machine US-Hyper2000 is a must-have tool for any industry that requires precision deflashing and finishing to achieve an excellent surface finish. Its precise deflashing capabilities, versatility and durability make it the ideal solution for those who value quality.

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Comparing with the existing cryogenic deflasing machine, the US-Hyper2000 has following outstanding advantages:
● Huge Processing Quantity
US-Hyper2000 applies huge barrel to enlarge the effective capacity from 60Liter to 150Liter, satisfying the customer requirement of processing big size parts, achieving high efficiency and low cost.
Hyper mode cryogenic deflashing machine can process big size up to parts 15 inches (381mm) including rubber, plastic and die-casting parts, is the best alternative choice and assistant to facing the increasing the labor cost and low efficiency.
● Shorter Processing Time & Higher Production Efficiency
Brand new developed barrel with special structure greatly increases the stirring efficiency (Patent applied).
Two blasting wheels system has greatly shorten the processing time of each batch, fully resolve the restriction of 30% barrel capacity wasted.
● Less LN2 Consumption & Lower Running Cost
Apply latest huge density heat insulation material with both injection moulding and brand new cold insulation technology to realizing the great cold insulation performance and effectively use every inch of the chamber space.
Reduce the LN2 consumption to the largest extent so that the running cost is greatly lower.
● Brand New Design of the Intelligent Monitoring and Management Program & Whole Course Full-Size and Real-Time Monitoring
Operation automation of the machine has been realized; even the equipment door is opened or closed automatically.
Humanized control of running condition and full course monitoring of real working state has been realized; Operator and maintainer can check the real-time LN2 consumption and running time of each part on the equipment.
● Lower Noise
Improve the sound-absorbing and anti-damping material to make the noise be lower than the noise from general mode equipment on the market.
Meet the standard of national occupation health; ensure the health and environmental-friendly working condition for the operator.
US-Hyper 2000 has finished the application of 5 patents in China.

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