Gas Freezer Type Quick Freezing
Gas Freezer Type Quick Freezing

Gas Freezer Type Quick Freezing

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A box freezer is compactly designed. Compared with conventional mechanical freezers, it costs less and is more easily moved. It is optimum for treatment of seasonal goods at peak time, improvement of the capabilities of the existing factories and development of new products.

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Freezing Speed And Quality

When freezing foods, a zone from approx. 0 C to -5 C is called a maximum ice crystal generation zone. Whether this temperature zone is to be quickly or slowly passed through affects the size and type of ice crystals and determines the texture of frozen foods.
Slow freeze generates fewer and larger ice crystals; those gener- ated between the cells destroy the texture, increasing a drip amount at defreezing. On the contrary, quick freeze generates many fine crystals and does not destroy the cells.(See Frozen Foods Handbook published by Korin Shoin).

Specification Of Box Freezer

Major Specification BF-350 BF-600 BF-1000
Outer size(cm) 147x98x136 120 x146x166 169 x 129 x 195
Inner size(cm) 78 x 70 x95 88 x 80 x105 105 x 100 x146
Tray size(cm) 60x60 70x70 80x80
No. of tray shelves 7.5 8.5 9.5
Tray pitch(cm) 80 90 100
Internal setting temp   L-CO2 spec. (℃)
  L-N2 spec. (const. -100°℃)
Weight(kg) 250 280 350
Power source 3Φx0.75kw 3Φx1.5kw 3Φx2.25kw

Superquick Freeze With Liquid Nitrogen(Liquefied Carbon Dioxide)

● Liquid nitrogen(liquefied carbon dioxide) is a low-temperature gas at -196 C(-78C).
● Foods can be instantaneously frozen by directly spraying liquid nitrogen(liquefied carbon dioxide) to them.
● Superquick freeze does not destroy the food cells.
● Superquick freeze does not deteriorate the taste of foods or discolor them, maintaining their quality.
● The flavor is maintained for a long period.
● Drip outflow and drying loss can be prevented, allowing little product loss.
● Lower facility cost, compared with conventional mechanical air blast.
● Simple mechanism and easy maintenance.

Features Of Box Freezer

● The box freezer is a batch type freezer to quickly cool/freeze foods.
● Using liquefied carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen as a refrigerant, the box freezer quickly freezes within a range of freezer internal temperature of -60 C to-100 C.
● Both interior and exterior of the box freezer are made of stainless steel, ensuring corrosion-proof and cold resistance.
● A forced convection fan swiftly cools inside the freezer to ensure uniform temperature distribution.
● Capable of mounting/dismounting the shelf supports together with a frame.(Option)

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