How to use Cryogenic Deflashing Machine?

Today,let’s organize a systematic approach to the safety operating procedures for the cryogenic deflashing machine. While we already have a general understanding of the machine’s operation through watching instructional videos, it is important to prepare for product edge trimming properly.In order to maximize the lifespan of the cryogenic deflashing machine and ensure its proper usage, we need to familiarize ourselves with the safety guidelines for operating the machine. This will enable us to proficiently perform the edge trimming task.

  1. As the refrigerant of the cryogenic deflashing machine, the supply of liquid nitrogen is essential. Before starting up, first open the liquid nitrogen main valve. Please note that the supply pressure of liquid nitrogen should be between 0.5~0.7MPa. Excessively high supply pressure of liquid nitrogen will damage the liquid nitrogen solenoid valve.
  2. Rotate the automatic-manual switch to the [manual] position.
  3. Press the operation power start button, at this time the working power indicator light will illuminate.
  4. Open the workroom’s door, and after placing the dried pellets into the equipment, close the door. Press the ejector button to start the rotation of the ejector wheel, and adjust the ejector wheel speed controller.

  1. Press the vibrating screen button to start the operation of the vibrating screen. When the vibrating screen is in operation, the pellets will be circulated and shot at room temperature.
  2. Maintain the above state and continue operation for 45 minutes. Confirm the normal circulation of the pellets by observing the observation hole in the pellet compartment and the sound of the pellets hitting the machine. After the operation is completed, press the vibrating screen button to stop the vibrating screen before pressing the ejector wheel button to stop the rotation of the ejector wheel.
  3. When the power indicator light is on, please be careful not to pinch your hand when opening or closing the workroom door. Confirm that the workroom door is closed. Be sure to stop the vibrating screen before stopping the ejector wheel.

Note: If the pellets are stored in the pellet compartment, there may be a problem with the smooth transportation of the pellets when the equipment is restarted. To ensure that the equipment can quickly obtain effective ejection force when operating again, please keep the pellets stored in the vibrating screen when the equipment is in a stopped state.

Response method: Stop the vibrating screen before stopping the ejector wheel. Switch the automatic-manual switch to the automatic position.

When setting the temperature controller and the ejection time, it is necessary to consider the temperature of the product at that time and add an appropriate precooling time of 2 to 3 minutes.Use the ejection wheel speed controller and the parts basket rotation speed controller to set the processing conditions required for the products to be processed


Post time: Nov-07-2023