Cryogenic Deburring or Deflashing Machine to remove the rubber washers flashes

Cryogenic deflashing machine is useful and eficient to remove the fashes of rubber parts including the rubber washers.

Cryogenic deburring will have good deburring precision and high efficiency to remove the flashes of washers.


To llustrate well, here i present a good example for you to understand the eficiency of cryogenic rubber deflashing machine.


Part Name: Rubber Washers

Part Weight: 0.12g/pc

Part Material: EPDM/CR

1. Process Result        

From the photo you can see that the deburring precision is very good.

2. Process Effciency

If the fiashes of washers are thin. thickness less than 0. 1mm/fash thickness is very import. should be very thin), then we can have a folowing processefficiency


Qty per cycle: 1kg

Cycle time: 6+2.5=8.5mins

Qty per Hour: 7kgs

Qty per Day: 56kg=466666pcs


You can see that nitrogen deburring machine can have a about 0.5 milion rubber wahsers deburing abilty, it is of high eficiency comparing with manual deburring.

Post time: Dec-12-2023