The maintenance and care of Cryogenic Deflashig machine

The maintenance and care of the freezing edge trimming machine before and after use are as follows:

1、Wear gloves and other anti-freeze gear during operation.

2、Check the sealing of the freezing edge trimming machine’s ventilation ducts and shot blasting machine door. Start the ventilation and dust removal equipment for the first 5 minutes of work to maintain good ventilation.

3、Check the pressure of the liquid nitrogen. If it is lower than 0.5MPa, open the pressure relief valve to increase the pressure so that the liquid nitrogen can smoothly enter the equipment.

4、The particle size distribution of the shot blasting should be consistent with the working standard.

5、When the shot blasting is in operation, unrelated personnel are strictly prohibited from approaching. When cleaning and adjusting the operating position, the machine should be turned off.

6、After work, turn off the power switch of the machine equipment multiple times, and perform maintenance checks multiple times a month. The machine equipment should be cleaned after each operation.

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Post time: Jan-12-2024