Why choose STMC-Cryogenic Deflashing Machine ?

Whether you choose the touch screen version or the button verdion ,STMC-Cryogenic Deflashing Machine offers a very user-friendly operating method.  Even inexperienced workers can easily learn and proficiently operate the equipment after a short half-hour training. Additionally, the Cryogenic Deflashing Machine  is equipped with an automatic control system, which effectively prevents operational mistakes by workers. This intelligent technology not only enhances operational safety but also improves productivity.    Whether you're a professional technician or a beginner, you can operate it in a simple and efficient manner.


STMC-Cryogenic Deflashing Machine offers excellent performance, providing your production line with extremely high production efficiency.Taking the basic version of the NS-60  Cryogenic Deflashing Machine  as an example, it can process up to 32kg of injection-molded connectors per hour.In comparison, manual operation can only handle approximately 1.5kg.This means that the daily workload of an NS-60 Cryogenic Deflashing Machine is equivalent to the combined efforts of 50 to 80 skilled operators.This substantial production capacity undoubtedly enhances your production efficiency and output, thereby bringing you greater profits.

STMC-Cryogenic Deflashing Machine features exceptional trimming precision, effectively eliminating small and covert burr issues.Regardless of the size and shape of the cross-section of the product, the Cryogenic Deflashing Machine can perform trimming operations flawlessly and without limitations. Its precise edge trimming capability ensures a high qualification rate of the products and stable and reliable quality.Whether in the plastic product manufacturing, injection molding industry, or any other industry, a Cryogenic Deflashing Machine is an indispensable equipment that can provide you with a continuous supply of high-quality products and give your company a competitive advantage in the market.


Our equipment, with innovative design and advanced technology, is capable of processing various complex and diverse small rubber and plastic products. Whether it's fragile rubber and plastic products or magnesium alloy, zinc alloy, or aluminum alloy castings, it can effectively remove the flash issue.Moreover, our equipment is minimally affected by its structure and can adapt flexibly to different workpiece requirements. By using our equipment, you can ensure that the appearance and quality of your products meet the highest standards. Regardless of the complexity of the product's shape, our equipment can accurately trim, ensuring high qualification rate and providing stable and reliable quality

 Using a Cryogenic Deflashing Machine can improve the service life of products. By accurately setting the appropriate trimming parameters, our equipment can avoid damaging the surface of the product during the trimming process.This not only ensures that the appearance of the product is more exquisite but also guarantees its superior quality. After trimming, the products not only have a refined appearance but also excel in terms of quality.


STMC-equipment has excellent safety performance and adopts multiple safety precautions to ensure safety and stability during operation.Firstly, the equipment is equipped with an automatic nitrogen injection system, which is able to control the oxygen content in the material silo at a safe level below the explosive limit, effectively reducing the risk of explosions and fires.Secondly, the equipment is equipped with sensors that specifically measure oxygen content. These sensors can monitor the oxygen content in real-time and adjust it through the control system to ensure that the oxygen levels remain within a safe range, thereby effectively preventing the occurrence of fires and explosions.In addition, the surroundings of the  STMC-Cryogenic Deflashing Machine  have been treated for explosion-proofing to provide additional safety measures. A pressure relief safety vent is also installed on the top of the equipment. When abnormal conditions occur inside the equipment, the safety vent will quickly release pressure, reducing the potential impact of explosions.Finally, the equipment compartment door is equipped with specially designed stop bars that can effectively resist explosive forces.In conclusion, the application of multiple security measures by our ensures the high safety performance of their equipment.

Post time: Jul-31-2023