Why is it said that Zhao Ling is “daring to be a pioneer for China”?

The full name of the cryogenic deflashing machine is the automatic jet-type cryogenic deflashing machine. The theory of cryogenic deflashing machine originated in the 1970s in Europe and America, and was later improved by Japan. At that time, China was not aware of this technology, and due to the abundance and cheapness of domestic labor, rubber manufacturers were more inclined towards manual trimming. In 1998, Jiangsu Zhongling Chemical Co., Ltd. was established, and it recognized the opportunity for automation and mechanization in rubber trimming technology. It obtained the agency rights for the original imported ULTRA SHOT frozen trimming machine from Japan’s Showa Denko Gas Product Co., Ltd and opened a new era of automated trimming in China. After 2000, the cryogenic deflashing  machine began to be gradually promoted domestically and became one of the post-process equipment in the rubber and plastic industry.


In 2004, we collaborated with Showa Denko Gas Product Co., Ltd. of Japan to establish the first frozen trimming center in China. Over the next three years, we actively explored the cryogenic deflashing machine market and continuously improved our own system. In 2007, Jiangsu Zhongling Chemical Co., Ltd. and Showa Denko Gas Product Co., Ltd . jointly invested in a joint venture called Showtop Techno-Machine Nanjing Co., Ltd. (STMC)


STMC has been dedicated to innovative research and development of  cryogenic deflashing  technology while expanding its business. Instead of merely relying on technical references and citations, used the patented technology of Showa Denko Gas Product Co., Ltd.  to produce the first automatic spray-type cryogenic deflashing  machine in China. Two years later, our subsidiary, Dongguan ZhaoLing Precision, was established in Dongguan City. In the same year, STMC independently developed the first touch screen-controlled automatic spray-type frozen trimming machine, the NS-60T, which was introduced to the market. In 2015, we successfully developed the first double throw wheel-type frozen trimming machine. At that time, ZhaoLing already possessed a mature management system and a skilled and refined technical team.In 2022, ZhaoLing Precision completed a shareholding restructuring and entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Showa Denko Gas Product Co., Ltd. Furthermore, we have received various honorary titles, including National High-tech Enterprise, National Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprise, and Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Private Enterprise.


Looking forward with foresight and leading with direction, our company will grasp the new strategic opportunities, tasks, and stages of development. We will always maintain our original aspiration and continue to strive.

Post time: Aug-24-2023